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Maintenance skills of zipper

Author: Libo   Date: 2019-04-15   visits: 49

1, usually use, should pay attention to the zipper on the "broken belly", "off", and other problems, such as distortion, there are these problems should be repaired in time, do not be hard to pull. If the zipper is loose and take off the tooth, can use the small hammer to knock on the slide fastener head gently several times, causes the upper and lower chain teeth to bite the tight some, will not take off the tooth.

2, aluminum alloy zipper is susceptible to corrosion and should therefore be kept dry, keep away from moisture and to prevent tooth aluminum generation white oxide time, can lead to rust zipper, affect the use of, also want to pay attention to and alkaline and acidic substances to come in contact with. At the time of preservation to ensure a certain ventilation, do not seal, do not save in the full of moisture in the environment, it is necessary to use the wet paper or desiccant. If damp zipper, pull up the astringent. At this time, the first zipper dry in the sun, then in zipper teeth painted some wax, and then fire baked, so to use, very smooth.

3, a zipper is pulled, the teeth on both sides of the closer alignment, and then pinch the zipper head along the track to gently pull forward, don't Yank, so as to avoid the "crooked tooth", "broken belly" and "off the tooth". If the zipper pull hair astringent, not flexible, can wipe clean cloth first hit a layer of ash in the "tooth".

4, with all kinds of bags, pockets or wallet, do not pack too full, or easy to cause "broken belly", "off", and the phenomenon of soft cloth.

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