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'Internet plus' zipper enterprise in time to react

Author: Libo   Date: 2019-04-15   visits: 54

As is known to all, the Internet has a great influence on the traditional industries, the Internet has brought unprecedented changes to people's daily life. Now, "Internet plus" is not only applied to a traditional industry, but also joined the omnipresent computing, data and knowledge, creating a omnipresent innovation, promote the knowledge society to user innovation, open innovation, mass innovation, collaborative innovation as the characteristics of a new 2, changing the production, work and life style we, will lead the new normal innovation driven development.

This year NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the first time in the "Internet plus" action plan "proposed to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other combined with modern manufacturing industry. For a time, everyone is talking about the "Internet plus", which bring opportunities but "Internet plus" will now manufacture of zipper enterprises?

The first "Internet plus" era, enterprises must evolve in transition. In a sense, "Internet plus" means that the traditional industry extends upward, is not the past two forces against the enemy force, and more sense is a joint. The most important is that the traditional industries and the Internet industry, the two kinds of genes blend, the enterprise had to carry out the transformation of the internet. However, traditional industries such as zipper to promote the "Internet plus", not necessarily will become light birds, full of agility and adaptability, and it "Internet plus transformation" and the Internet, is the need for freedom and speed maximization, realize enterprise risk minimization.

Mutations in the era of mobile Internet environment, if the enterprise wants to survive, you need to become a ecological and non mechanical type the new organization and selection of evolution. This evolution is not from top to bottom, from the inside out, often from the boundaries of the great force of cross-border. This evolution is "Internet plus" action plan, most traditional enterprises need, is also the most difficult and painful, this evolution also provides unlimited space for the development of traditional industries. But the problem is: things are not what we imagine is so simple that even more thorough understanding of the Internet thinking, the concept of "Internet plus" to clear, industrial policy is good, even super Internet ideological weapon in hand, no enterprise evolution, based on "Internet +" strategic adjustment, management optimization no change, all of this is just a slogan, castles in the air. Moreover, the mobile Internet, "Internet plus" affect not only the level of thinking, but not on the strategic level, but the traditional concept of enterprise, culture, organization, structure, product innovation, management, marketing and a series of new construction. We helplessly see neglect of evolution of enterprise, just a few years time some decades or even a hundred years accumulation of large enterprises, big brands, in a twinkling missed a revolution in business opportunities, dim light, until the disappearance.

Secondly, "Internet plus" era, enterprises must change the management mode. Internet companies can use the Internet and mobile Internet as a kind of advanced technology and leading others, traditional enterprises once mastered this advanced technology, "Internet plus" to promote the integration of traditional industries and the depth of information technology, the world does not exist on the Internet enterprises and traditional enterprises. So, the Internet may be a competitive advantage today, tomorrow may be the basic conditions of competition.

As someone once said, if you found your business without the "Internet plus", your business is not what relationship with the mobile Internet, estimated over a period of time, your business and you also have what relation, this sentence reflects the importance of "Internet plus" for enterprise development. "Internet plus" and the arrival of the mobile Internet, does not only mean the reconstruction and integration and shift resources change, product development thinking of traditional industries and the Internet industry, but also led to the change of strategy factors, management mode and competitive ability. When the Internet and mobile Internet leads the enterprise to create customer has changed the way, then enterprises need to transition to regain the ability of enterprises to create the customer, this ability is deeply implanted into the enterprise management process, and shoring up the whole process of enterprise development.

Therefore, only when the first who adapt to the new environment and new technology, the mobile Internet era, who is the first in a number of areas of strategy, organization, structure and culture pioneered the transformation and change, who can "Internet plus" in the process of remodeling to adapt to the new environment of the new management system, who can take the lead in realizing enterprise Internet the transformation, can achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise.

For the zipper industry, in the current development stage has also been a great impact from the Internet industry. Now the zipper enterprises almost all in the use of the Internet, a large number of enterprises have their own official website, microblogging, micro channel public account or client app, for Internet attitude zipper entrepreneurs is "hug" rather than the "conflict", this is a general trend. "Internet plus" era should not only think about cross-border and integration, more is to think the age of the Internet and the Internet combined with the traditional manufacturing industry how to create new business value, enterprises can not fall into "Internet plus" anxiety and misunderstanding, "Internet plus" is more important than "+", "-" is not destroyed. We must actively cultivate zipper entrepreneurs and deepen the "Internet plus" thinking, self subversion and change of active mode of thinking and mode of operation of the enterprises to accelerate.

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