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Zipper method of choose and buy

Author: Libo   Date: 2019-04-15   visits: 46

Zipper of choose and buy when important because of the zipper in different environments have different adaptability, therefore to a manufacturer special in the choose and buy when the zipper should be: a, zipper applications where products (such as luggage, shoes, boots, ski clothing, raincoats, tents, needs the jeans or acid wash water the larger leather category) or other special requirements.

Second, the demand for zipper restricted chemicals, such as whether take cloth will need AZO free (AZO), nickel release is unqualified, or can be a needle detector. 3, 3 #, 4 #, 5 # these refers to the number, the zipper is closed zipper to the width of the quantity. In simple terms, the greater the number, the more zipper. We usually jacket zipper is # 5, such as 8 # and 10 # is special zipper, very straightforward, to special customized, usually less use. 4 YG specifically to your pants zipper, referring to the 4 # YG head zipper, the zipper head is locked, especially on the jeans and casual pants, firmer, are generally metal teeth.

The vast majority of brand clothes will be made on their clothes zipper zipper card, different shapes, usually are engraved with the brand LOGO on it, is it something details, do well will be a kind of symbol.

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